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No, we accept also credit or debit card and also we accept Cashapp, Zelle and Venmo.

Yes, if you in a situation that all keys are lost and no spares or the spare keys are not available, we can come out to your location and make a new key.

If you are in a situation that all keys are lost we can make you a new key. The way we do it is by buying a key code for the dealer with your VIN or and this is more common we will decoded your door locks or ignition cylinder with specialized tools.

We always trying to improve our arrival time but it mostly depends on how busy we are and traffic, after we will have your exact location we will provide with an exact ETA.

Basically rekey mean to change the combination of the locks. What we will do is take the lock off the door, take it to our work van, take it apart, change the pins that will match a new key, put it together and install it back to the door.

So the lock stays the but it works with new keys and the old keys doesn’t work anymore.

First of all you should definitely rekey or change the locks after purchasing a new home.

If to rekey or replace, it’s just depends on if the locks don’t operate properly or you want to change the color or design of the locks? If the answer is no, then rekey is a cheaper solution.

Yes, we can definitely do that. We call this service fresh installation, we will drill 3 holes in total, one for the deadbolt lock, one for the bolt and one for the strike plate that goes on the door frame.

We will make sure everything is aligned and make the bold and strike plate to be flash with the door and door frame.

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