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Automotive Locksmith Services

Our cars are the ultimate and convenient way of commuting and sometimes there could be some issues, we can prevent one issue by making sure we have a spare key. 84 Locksmith is offering automotive locksmith services. So, it doesn’t matter if your keys are stuck in the ignition or the car key is lost we have a team to help you out with the following services:


It doesn’t matter if your keys are stuck in the ignition or the car key is lost we have a team to help you out with the following services:

  • Transponder Key
  • Remote Head Key
  • Smart Key (Key Fob)
  • Ignition Repair
  • Key Extraction
  • ECU reprogramming

Locally Available Locksmith Services For Your Vehicles

At 84 Locksmith, we have crated a perfectly experienced team that has extensive knowledge in managing the security and locking systems of the vehicles. Our team is experienced in handling different vehicles and their models. We will assist in optimizing the locking systems and freeing up the locks without damaging the cars. In addition, we can work with the transponder keys and program them correctly.

Our High-End Automotive Locksmith Services

If you are searching for an automotive locksmith, we have trained professionals available who understand the intricacies of the locking systems of vehicles. We are a certified service provider, and we thrive to provide ultimate protection at the most affordable prices. Some of our automotive locksmith services include the following;

  • Car lockouts
  • Car key replacement
  • Jammed key in the ignition
  • Ignition switch repairs
  • Transponder key programming
  • Car lock replacement
  • Broken car key removal
  • Car trunk lockout solutions
  • Car key duplication


At 84 Locksmith, we understand that automotive manufacturers integrate advanced security features that help keep the car secure. Ranging from the car alarm system to transponder keys and laser-cut car keys, we are experienced in handling a variety of lock systems with extreme precision and convenience. This is because we are experienced in handling high-tech security technology to resolve mechanical locking issues.

Automotive Lockouts

Car lockouts can be frustrating because the car locks can go bad, or the keys can also get lost. In simpler words, 84 Locksmith can help with every car lockout situation, irrespective of the severity. In addition, we have hired the best team of automotive locksmiths who are not only trained but also certified to assist in such lockout situations.

Car Key Replacement

If you think that someone has the double key of your vehicle and that’s impacting the overall security of the vehicle, we offer car key replacement services. To illustrate, we can help with key as well as lock replacement. Some of the keys that we work with include;

  • Smart keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Car remotes
  • Retro car keys

Serving Different Car Models

At 84 Locksmith, we have the experience and equipment to help with different vehicles and their models. Similarly, we are experienced in handling different security systems as well as keys that need tuning and servicing. In addition, we have hired car specialists who have years of experience working with car manufacturers, promising effective services.

Efficient Response Time

There are times when one needs automotive locksmith services quickly, which is why we have perfected our response time. For this purpose, we have hired mobile locksmiths, so they can reach you in the quickest timeline possible.

Our Experienced Team

84 Locksmith has coined a premium name in the industry, and we have hired fully trained and certified locksmith professionals. Our team has years of experience, which capacitates them to understand different types of locks and handle the unique locking systems without posing any harm to the vehicle. In addition, our team always comes with essential locksmith tools to provide quick assistance.

Round The Clock Locksmith Services

The automotive lock issues are inevitable, and no one knows when the locks will go bad. To provide all-time assistance, we are available 24/7 to ensure you get the most responsive services. In addition to providing the locksmith services, our customer service team will be available at all times to handle the queries and provide assistance.

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